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We have an excellent reputation as The Best Dental & ENT Clinic near Saket, Delhi. We are constantly growing with a treatment philosophy that closely shadows those found at many of the World’s Top Dental Clinics, Aastha Dental clinic is dedicated to provide the best dental treatments available within the reach of a common man. We are versatile private Dental clinic known for its varied range of dental treatments available from children to adults. We provides every treatment under dentistry, right from dental emergencies to smile makeover. Aastha Dental & ENT clinic near Saket, Delhi has the most advanced and latest technology dental equipments and a competent team of dedicated dentists making us ‘A ONE STOP DENTAL HEALTH PROVIDER’. Our Dental clinic has a team of expert dentist in Implantology, LASER Dentistry, Periodontists, Prosthetic Dentistry, Endodontic Dentistry, Pediatrics Dentistry, Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery & Orthodontists to ensure optimum to Quality treatment.

We strive to provide the highest standard of dental care, personalized attention, treating each patient with compassion, honesty and sincerity.

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Aastha Founders

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Dr. Bindiya Bansal

Dental Surgeon

She and her trained professional  team of doctors loves creating beautiful smiles with ease. Her 28 years of prolonged journey boosts her confidence  to strive best result each day

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Dr. Atul Mittal

ENT Specialist

Dr. Atul Mittal is a renowed ENT Surgeon in Delhi with nearly 28 years of experience in his field of specialization. As India’s leading ENT surgeon engaged in training, research and treatment, Dr Mittal is recognised by the medical community for his dedication to elevating Indian ENT healthcare to global standards.

An exceptionally patient friendly experience awaits you, one that will change your fearful opinion of visiting a clinic to a comfortable visit   

One stop solution for all age groups dental and ENT problems. Check out our services page for more info


frequently asked questions

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It occur due to enamel wear exposing the dentinal tubules(layer of the teeth) to outside environment, making them sensitive to hot, cold and sour foods as due to this change occur in these fluid filled tubules or channels, stimulating the inside nerve fibers of the teeth, which results in pain or sensitivity
Use of desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwash may provide relief.

Snoring is a symptom which should be worked on . It has impact on health and marital life in long run. E.N.T ,dentist and pulmonologist contribute towards its diagnosis and treatment. So please consult E.N.T specialist for complete evaluation and diagnosis

The brushing should be done for 2 minutes, 60 seconds allotted to each arch ie upper and lower teeth.Brushing should to be done twice daily with toothpaste, accompanied with any anti- microbial or anti- plaque mouth rinse to overcome the inadequacies of brushing and even tongue has to be cleaned everyday .


Bleeding gums can be because of improper oral hygiene, tartar deposit, vitamin C deficiency and even due to certain drugs , please do consult a dentist

Yes, you should consult an E.N.T as ENT is a specialized branch focused on this area of the body. They can give you a better insight.

Wisdom tooth are like a vestigial organ in oral cavity, they don’t play a major oral in chewing. The jaw size has become smaller because of altered food habits and thus because of this most of the times they don’t get proper space to erupt in the oral cavity and remain trapped and thereby causing pain in the gums, food lodgement or decay even of adjacent tooth.It is better to remove them to prevent future dental problems


Loved her work. Whole team is very helpful
Shiv Sankar Pradhan
Shiv Sankar Pradhan
The Doctors and Staff members are very caring in nature. Doctors always explained what they are about to do in terms of procedure and treatment.
Sushil Kaushik
Sushil Kaushik
I have visited here from past 18 years,i got many implants done from Dr Bindiya Bansal,she is our family dentist . Her staff is very good and helpful. Me and my family is very happy and always recomend her name to our friends.
Yashvardhan Sejwal
Yashvardhan Sejwal
This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. The team was very professional examining and providing with solutions by priority. I took my mother for tooth extraction, I felt that she was in good hands. All the people here were very gentle and kind to her They explained very well what was going on. Thanks!
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I came here for my dental treatment as I had severe pain on my tooth. Doctors were very nice I am fully satisfied with treatment and also the way doctors explain me everything. Thank you
wonderful experience, the teeth cleaning procedure was completely painless and very quick too! everyone was very nice and made sure i was alright (‘: i made my newest best friend here too!!

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