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Root Canal Treatment by our expert endodontists

Root canal is a space inside the root of your tooth which consists of the pulp chamber. The pulp which is a small, thread-like tissue in the core of the tooth is connected to the blood vessels & nerves connecting to the brain. If the pulp is seriously infected or damaged then it causes severe pain. The root canal treatment is done by our expert endodontists to relieve the pain.

Root Canal Treatment - Relieve pain and save your natural tooth

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT Relieve pain and save your natural tooth. Many tooth problems like extensive decay or impact injuries, can lead to infection or death of the nerve tissue inside a tooth. This can lead to various symptoms like severe pain, increased sensitivity, swelling of the gums, bad breath or tooth discoloration. A root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a safe and straightforward procedure that treats the inside of the infected tooth, relieves pain and saves your natural tooth.

Gentle and painless endodontic therapy

The pulp which contains nerves are central to a tooth. An infected or inflamed pulp is often the cause of pain. During a root canal treatment, our microscopic endodontist at Aastha Dental & ENT Clinic at South Delhi carefully removes the pulp inside the teeth, disinfects the root canals and places a filling to hermetically seal the space.

How many visits would a Root Canal in Delhi require?

Root canal treatment may require one or more visits.

Get superior root canal treatment with unmatched precision - If you are looking for an endodontic expert, we at Aastha Dental & ENT Clinic provide painless root canal treatment. We assure you of a professional dental experience and the best of service.

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