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Full Mouth Reconstruction / Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a restorative dental procedure done to completely improve smiles and bite. The treatment is also known as full mouth restoration or full mouth rejuvenation.

Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Full dental reconstruction is always proceeded after a compressive consultation with a cosmetic Dental surgeon who will examine your bone mass, gum health, the teeth itself, and will understand your immune system and healing ability. Full mouth reconstruction depends heavily on your body’s immune system. Being able to heal and also ward off infection. It is also vital for you and the dentist to discuss your expectations for a perfect smile. The process involves removal of damaged teeth and replacing it with prosthetic ones. This can be individual replacements such as implant and crown together or a bridge, which still uses implants but requires fewer screws.

Full Mouth Reconstruction can be life changing for some who have lived with bad teeth or dental disease that has overtaken your smile. A smile makeover can bring you opportunities in life and career, transforming your confidence tremendously and improving your quality of life.

Who Needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Patients suffering from multiple dental problems are found looking for full mouth reconstruction services by the expert dentists. This is because with time, their inability to chew food, the sensitivity of their teeth towards hotness or coldness, gum related problems and even aesthetic appeal get lost. In certain cases, even the problems of oral health go beyond the mouth and affect the entire body. Such patients feel like living in an old age even when they are young. We help our patients restore their oral health by serving all the related aspects of dental care. Our services will ensure that you can feel the change in your life back again.

Cases Where Full Mouth Rehabilitation is Required

Teeth, gums, jaw muscles and even the overall appearance, we will have you covered in all the related dental problems with our full mouth rehabilitation services.

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