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It occur due to enamel wear exposing the dentinal tubules(layer of the teeth) to outside environment, making them sensitive to hot, cold and sour foods as due to this change occur in these fluid filled tubules or channels, stimulating the inside nerve fibers of the teeth, which results in pain or sensitivity
Use of desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwash may provide relief.

Snoring is a symptom which should be worked on . It has impact on health and marital life in long run. E.N.T ,dentist and pulmonologist contribute towards its diagnosis and treatment. So please consult E.N.T specialist for complete evaluation and diagnosis

The brushing should be done for 2 minutes, 60 seconds allotted to each arch ie upper and lower teeth.Brushing should to be done twice daily with toothpaste, accompanied with any anti- microbial or anti- plaque mouth rinse to overcome the inadequacies of brushing and even tongue has to be cleaned everyday .


Bleeding gums can be because of improper oral hygiene, tartar deposit, vitamin C deficiency and even due to certain drugs , please do consult a dentist

Yes, you should consult an E.N.T as ENT is a specialized branch focused on this area of the body. They can give you a better insight.

Wisdom tooth are like a vestigial organ in oral cavity, they don’t play a major oral in chewing. The jaw size has become smaller because of altered food habits and thus because of this most of the times they don’t get proper space to erupt in the oral cavity and remain trapped and thereby causing pain in the gums, food lodgement or decay even of adjacent tooth.It is better to remove them to prevent future dental problems

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