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Laser Teeth Whitening in South Delhi

laser-tooth-bleaching(whitening) in South Delhi

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Aastha Dental & ENT clinic based in South Delhi, India offers laser teeth whitening service in Delhi to provide you with whiter, healthier-looking teeth. We use the latest technology in dentistry and teeth whitening treatment with due care for your teeth sensitivity.

If you need help deciding whether it’s worth the investment, read on for some information about what makes this method so great!

Oral hygiene and healthy gums are important elements of your dental health but teeth discoloration can sap your confidence.

The laser whitening treatment from our cosmetic dentist is safe, quick and effective for all types of teeth including sensitive teeth. It also helps in reducing tooth sensitivity by up to 90%. The treatment can be used on young children as well as adults with excellent results.
Our Laser Teeth Whitening procedure for Delhi residents will transform your smile into radiant white smiles that are healthy and beautiful!

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to whiten their teeth with lasers. The answer is that laser teeth whitening is a more comfortable, faster, and more effective way of achieving your desired smile. That’s right – there are different types of tooth whitening methods on the market today, but they all have one thing in common: they’re not as effective or comfortable as laser teeth whitening.

The most typical dental treatment that utilizes laser innovation is teeth whitening. Laser Teeth whitening is a fast as well as painless technique of whitening teeth resulting in a whiter smile. Begone stained tooth and discolored tooth and welcome brighter smiles!

Laser technology has actually transformed cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening methods and professional teeth whitening remedies are no exception. Laser teeth whitening is an exceptionally effective means to remove discolourations as well as discoloration from the teeth, leaving them whiter and also pearlier than ever before.

The manner in which laser teeth lightening jobs are really basic. First of all, a carbamide peroxide-based whitening gel is pasted onto your teeth by your dentist. Special care is taken to ensure that the whitening agent or bleach does not get onto the soft cells of the periodontal cells and also inside of the teeth, as this can cause irritability. As soon as the tooth whitening gel remains in place, the warmth from the laser is made use of to create a chain reaction that breaks down discolourations and lightens the teeth colour. The size and times of this whitening process vary based on the number of yellow teeth being targeted. This is because the laser only gives off a very narrow beam of light, suggesting that each discoloured tooth has to be whitened subsequently.


We at Aastha Dental & ENT Clinic offer one the best laser teeth whitening services along with special care in South Delhi, India.

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