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We at Aastha Dental & ENT Clinic based in South Delhi, India are proud to be one of the leading pediatric/child dental care facilities. Our best dentists aim to provide the best pediatric dental treatments for all our little patients. We offer top class patient-focused practice and keenly listen to our child patients with special care, do a root cause analysis, educate child on oral care techniques in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly manner.

Pediatric/child Dentistry Services includes:

Our goal is to provide the best and highest quality and advanced healthcare to children right from birth to 18 years of age. Be assured that your kids are in the safest hands. We treat your little ones like our own offspring's and give the best pediatric care. We believe in building lifelong relationships and we welcome you to be a part of our family and let us be your child’s healthcare provider.

All you need to know about Pediatric/child Dentistry

The common dental problems in children are – 

Cavities: Tooth decay, more commonly called cavities, are caused by bacteria in foods such as milk, soda, raisins, candies, sweets etc. The bacteria reacts with the acid in the mouth to cause a substance called plaque, which deposits on the teeth. If not brushed properly, the plaque leads to tooth decay or cavities.

Tooth Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity in children occurs due to several factors such as newly erupted teeth, acid erosion, teeth grinding or bruxism etc. It is essential to seek medical help in case of tooth sensitivity. It can be uncomfortable and distracting for a child and can affect their focus and routine.

Pediatric gingivitis and gum disease: This disease is quite common among children and occurs due to poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis is a precursor to gum disease and involves pain in gums, gum recession and swelling.

Crooked teeth: Permanent teeth rarely erupt properly and in the correct orientation among children. This can result in crooked teeth, leading to a variety of problems like gum disease as crooked teeth lead to overcrowding of teeth in the mouth that can prevent proper brushing. Crooked teeth can also arise due to excessive thumb sucking beyond a certain age.

Dental emergencies: Children, while playing sports, rough-housing with siblings, or falling while riding a bicycle, tend to lead dental-related accidents. These can be teeth chipping, breaking or cracking

Yes, pediatric dentistry is difficult compared to adult dental care. This is because of the inability of the child to explain the problem they are facing and understand the severity of the situation. Hence, children need to be imbibed with the notion of appropriate dental care from their childhood. 


We treat infants, toddlers and young adults up to the age of 14 years. The youngest patient we have treated is a newborn with a natal tooth. This tooth had to be removed as it was causing problems with feeding.

We offer treatments from general check-ups to complex treatments. General check-ups include early diagnosis and risk assessment related to oral health.

We offer advice on prevention of cavities, always better than restoration, which is also provided here. We offer consultation on pulpectomy, crowns, trauma prevention and management, braces and extraction.

Apart from that, we also offer tooth extraction services and provide advice on how to maintain space in the mouth during the eruption of permanent teeth, cosmetic treatments and habit-breaking appliance.

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