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Dr.Atul and his team believe in providing the best possible care and are available for emergencies round the clock. His patient’s aren’t restricted to a certain region and can be found in various corners of the world.


The major subspecialties the team practices and have been trained extensively in are as follows:

The science of ear, balance and hearing. They diagnose and treat cases of ear ache, fullness, ear discharge, sudden hearing loss, vertigo, balance problems. Surgical correction is also undertaken. Hearing aids are provided for. Vertigo assessment is possible by VNG. COCHLEAR Implants are done for profound deafness.

The science of nose and paranasal sinuses. Breathing difficulties, polyps, sinus issues, tumors in the region are managed with expertise. Cases of CSF (brain fluid)leak and pituitary tumors are managed along with Neurosurgeons. Diagnostic endoscopy is available in OPD and the endoscopic techniques are used for surgical corrections.

It deals with diseases In kids. Their problems ranging from blocked nose, snoring, adenoids, tonsillitis, glue ear, deafness to difficulty in breathing are diagnosed and treated effectively.

This has been a recently developed specialisation with Multi department involvement. Deals with people not able to sleep properly at night, snore, feel tired throughout the day. An ENT surgeons role comes in for surgical correction if required. Dr. Mittal has an expertise with Coblator and has used it for treating quite a few patients who needed surgical correction and have recovered well.

Head and neck region Is known for various malignancies. The team along with other oncological super specialities provide a comprehensive care starting from diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.

Allergy specialists specialise In managing patients with pathologies caused due to a sensitised Immune system. Many ENT pathologies can be attributed to allergy and require a comprehensive work up for appropriate treatment. The team has the provision for diagnosis via Skin Prick Test. Treatment options with Immunotherapy and Biologicals are available under the supervision of certified Allergologist.